Entry Criteria 50 Miles

Entry Criteria – 50 Mile
2017 GSER Entry Criteria

The GSER50 miler carries a light qualifying criteria to ensure runners have experience on trails and endurance capabilities.

  • All runners must be 18 years of age on the day of the race.
  • All runners must obtain medical clearance from their GP and need to show proof that they are aware of what they are getting themselves into.
  • Runners must know how to read a map and use a compass.
  • All runners must have reasonable expectation they can properly prepare for and undertake the challenge that is the Great Southern Endurance Run 50 Miler.

  • Entry Qualification Criteria:

  • All runners must have completed, under the course cut off time, a trail running event of minimum marathon distance within the last 18 months from entry.
  • Due to the nature of the event – lap races will not be allowed to be used as a qualifier.
  • Upon entry runners will be asked to nominate the event they completed to qualify.
  • Keep in mind this event is a mountain running event held on some rugged terrain and in some remote areas. A slower runner is expected to take 19 hours to finish the 81.3km that makes up the 50 mile event. This will include some night running. Adequate preparation and training is needed.

  • Frequently asked Questions:
    Q: Can I fill out an entry if I do not yet have my qualifier?
    A: Yes, for the inaugural event – you can nominate an event for your qualifier as long as it falls prior to 30th September 2017.

    Q: What if I enter and I DNF at my chosen qualifier?
    A: Anyone who does not fill their qualifier by the 30th September 2017 will forfeit their entry.

    Q: What if I enter – do not complete my qualifier but find another runner who wants my entry – can i transfer it?
    A: Yes.

    If you would like to discuss your qualifier with the race committee – please email us at info@gser100.com.au or SMS Sean on 0409 047 714.

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